Commercial Water Systems

Commercial Water Systems

Tri-Aqua sells and install the highs quality products on the market. Tri-Aqua water systems are custom assembled to meat or axed you personal expectations. Each water problem can be different Tri-Aqua has the personnel and experience to to solve you water needs our manufacture, distributor, and suppliers have well over 50 years in the water industry. Tri-Aqua believes in THE RIGHT UNIT FOR THE RIGHT JOB AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

We have experienced and knowledgeable filtration technicians who can take on any job. Our expertise and skill includes the ability to install, inspect, maintain, test, fix or replace most water systems in the GTA.

Our full team of technicians, analysts and repairmen are all trained to take on any job and will provide emergency care as needed. Our staff is fully reliable and are available at most hours of the day.

Our over 25 years of experience in the business shows and our customers are always happy as we provide them with full 100% satisfaction. Our commitment to honest and friendly service and the reliability that the job will get done is our promise to you – our clients.

What Tri-Aqua Water Systems Can Help you with:

Tri-Aqua’s full service team will help with all commercial and industrial water related needs you might have. We provide the best with the following:

Water Softeners

Iron Filter Removal

Sulfur Removal

Taste and Odor Filtration

Water Testing

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ultraviolet Bacteria Treatment

Water Coolers

Point of View Coolers

Water Fountains

Full Water Solution Provider

Tri-Aqua Only Uses Top Brand Names for your Water System