Residential Water Services

Full Water Services for your Home

Do you have problems with your water at home?

Are your clothes looking faded after washing or your drinking water doesn’t taste right? After you shower, is your hair or skin too dry?

Sometimes these questions can directly affect the quality of your water. There can be unwanted disease or chemicals that can be affecting the water you drink, shower and clean your clothes with.

Tri-Aqua is here to help! We install only the best equipment. Tri-Aqua services all brand name water treatment equipment on the market. If Tri-Aqua doesn’t have it the parts we will get it.

Our home products and systems include: water softeners, reverse osmosis units, filtration systems, self-sanitizing systems, chlorination, filters and much more!

If you have a problem with hard water, diseases such as e-coli or bacteria, odors or rust and lead, brown or red water, we can help!

We do on-the-spot testing or take to a lab for extra testing if necessary on your particular home water systems.

Our technicians are just a phone call away – we do emergency services as needed and can provide annual check ups on all your water and filtration systems.

What Tri-Aqua Water Systems Provides:

Tri-Aqua’s full service team will help with all home water related solutions you might have. Our professional team is fully insured and ready to tackle on any all of your home water needs. We provide the best with the following:

Water Softeners

Iron Filter Removal

Sulfur Removal

Taste and Odor Filtration

Water Testing

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ultraviolet Bacteria Treatment

Water Coolers

Point of View Coolers

Water Fountains

Full Water Solution Provider

Tri-Aqua Only Uses Top Brand Names for your Water System