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Since 1998, Tri-Aqua has been supplying effective water systems in Toronto and the G.T.A for residential, commercial, and industrial solutions to water problems, with a wide range of equipment, services and payment plans to suit all needs. They pride themselves on their personal service, though large enough to be your one-stop, full service, water treatment company. Staff members are technicians first, able to service your equipment while providing solutions that may arise in day-to-day use. If you wish to start your own water store, Tri-Aqua can provide turnkey operations or just the equipment you need. They can design, build, and custom manufacture the equipment, and provide the professional service you need to get up and running. This Canadian owned and operated company services you locally in Toronto, GTA and ships worldwide. Contact Tri-Aqua for information about their seniors’ discounts, free water testing, and gift coupon also information about starting your own Tri-Aqua, distribution network and or water store.

Water filters, coolers, distillers, home carbon filters, reverse osmosis, iron filters, softeners, service all makes and models, zebra mussel filters, self-filling coolers, cooler faucets, drinking fountains, cup dispenser, filter housing, industrial, commercial, residential, bottle coolers, ozone generators, point of use coolers, water tanks, resin tanks, lead filters, countertop filters, under-counter filters, water dispensers, crock lids & dispensers, TDS meter filters, shower filters, UV systems, water store equipment, custom manufacture, water treatment systems, washers & fillers, free water tests, supplies for wholesale trade.

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The right unit for the right job.

Water Solutions Toronto

Supplying effective Residential, Commercial, and Industrial solutions to water problems

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Our fully experienced team aims to fix all water issues affecting your family or place of business.

Tri-Aqua Only Uses Top Brand Names for your Water System